Carnivore Dreams – Who ARE these people?

Who ARE these people?

In my home state of Michigan, they voted to legalize abortion with no limits (supposedly limits except the physical or MENTAL health of the mother–right–that’s no limits), voted to eliminate voter ID or any verification to vote–conservatives will never win another election here. MONTANA refused to protect the life of a baby who survived abortion. MONTANA. We wouldn’t do this to a dog. I was always reluctantly for abortion in the first trimester, but now we are in there with China and North Korea, not even Europe.

They are also giving surgery and hormones to children who have not gone through puberty.

But this means conservatives will never win another election. They can’t without the Midwest, and we can’t cheat as well as they can because we don’t have the big cities to do it.

Some folks are talking about balkanizing the country and that is already happening. Whitmer ruined our economy and many people left already which is why Florida is sane. We have a family home here and a camp in the UP we may have to sell and move south. Maybe keep the family home here for vacations. But we have nothing in common with people who would support these people. No ethics, breaking up the nuclear family, racism, and most of all censorship. And flat out lying. They control the media and truth isn’t even remotely in vogue anymore. They have no tie to it.

I thought we were convincing Hispanics who are family and religious people to vote conservative, but it appears we only got Cubans who know socialism when they see it.

They are planning to set up everyone who disagrees with them as “Christian Nationalists” which has this Nazi connotation. Though I notice some of them claim that’s what they are–Christians who believe in America First. I wasn’t ever into organized religion yet suddenly this seems like last days to me. If there is a God, He/She couldn’t possibly approve of this irresponsible, selfish, entitled nihilism. Like Sodam and Gomorrah. Transgender people doing sexual shows in front of our children. Brainwashing of our children in schools and teaching standards are so low, we will soon bring up the bottom in the world–these teachers are idiots, too –which has been happening for decades. Killing fully formed babies (many of them Downs like my son) on operating tables.

It’s heartbreaking.

But they will claim we want to impose religion on the country. It won’t be true, of course. We will be people who still believe in our founding principles. In freedom, freedom of worship, the rights of the individual, family, hard work. Our constitution protects against state sponsored religion anyway (though it does NOT protect us against socialist fascists). It won’t be true just like it’s not true that all Trump people are white supremacists and terrorists. There are next to NONE who are–there were a lot of people protesting an election (and they are obviously fixed now–way too many irregularities). But we WILL be the only spiritual people here soon. What kind of religion allows you to lie, cheat and murder? There will be a few crazies on the right, but we don’t allow them to hang with us. But this is being done to us by the leaders of their party. Not a few crazies. Our government is censoring us through Big Tech pressure and covering up Democrat corruption the same way.

I expect DeSantis or Trump to push religion because that is the only game in town. And things will get ugly.

They control information, so we are through here. Our “great experiment” in freedom for the individual is dead now unless somehow minorities get smart. The masses invited here from all over the world are being promised all kinds of crap we can’t afford, and the middle class is done now, too. Our children will never have a middle-class comfortable existence. It will be them, a few globalist billionaires, and the rest of us poor very soon here.

I’ll put my chips on God. And humbly hope he finds me worthy.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Who ARE these people?

  1. I’ll say it again: Rome (that’s us) is falling. A “(s)election” using the USPS/Dominion machines did just as they were meant to do.

    Have you seen this short video before? It sums up my view of voting quite well:

    California, where I am, kept Grusom (who’s DC-bound any minute), and we’ve been aborting babies and transing children and forcing vaccines for a decade or more. Look at the fruit of all that voting! It’s a rigged game, my friend.

    Play this all forward: there’s clearly a cabal (if we know their name, they’re not in it) running the show: they want to collapse fiat currency and put us all on energy-backed digital currency. Get familiar with Agenda 21/Agenda 2030–everything on earth will be accounted for, including minerals, plants, animals, elements…and people.

    Look at our national debt:

    There is no getting out from under that. Ever.

    It’s a controlled demolition, just like 9/11. And the COVID trial run proved just how docile and sheeplike we are, so easily controlled through fear. What did Jesus tell us? “Fear not.” This is why.

    The Elite are “spiritual”, and it’s surprisingly Biblical…but it’s a perversion of the Bible and God’s Word. Everything they do is proof of it. People just don’t know enough to recognize it when they see it.

    Hang on tight, and read (believe and follow) Jesus’s words! No church is needed. ❤️

    1. I’ve been watching some of this digital thing. So scary. And this ESG I think it is approval before they loan money. All part of controlling everything we do. Yep, this has been rigged a while now. Yes, they were sheep during covid and are basically sheep overall. Yes, I know Rome is falling. Agenda 21/Agenda 2030? Not familiar with that, though. Is that the World Economic bruhaha?

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