Carnivore Dreams -Holiday Plans

I’ve been gathering my bearings the last few months. Celebrating the holidays seemed the best way right now to do that.

It may seem I’m not working, but I AM working into working into working: I’ve been asked to contribute a story or two to an anthology on fishing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (they only want the best writers, they say). And I’ve been reading my nephew’s work (also a writer) and that’s slowly awakening my three-year hibernation. Still, mostly decorating.

I bought some new dishes. Not really traditional, but I have my mom’s Indian rugs and some Inuit art. And the colors are great. I set the table early because we have two other tables where we can eat–one in my great room/bedroom by the woodfire and one there in the kitchen. That way I can enjoy it all longer. I’m waiting for my Christmas cactus for the center that I ordered.

I have some actual glass turquoise balls coming for the tree. Excited about that.

From a distance, only the lights show up. Phones don’t take the best pictures.

And here is the mantle over the gas fireplace in the living room. And of course, the woodstove in my bedroom/great room,

Happy holidays!

6 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams -Holiday Plans

    1. Thanks, Kate. I love this time of year. My kids come this weekend this year instead of Christmas weekend, so had to get things going earlier. Though we like to do some of it Thanksgiving weekend. Happy holidays, Kate.

      1. Happy holidays Lynn, we are away for Christmas so kind of thinking I will decorate that house rather than this one.. But your tree looks so lovely that now its difficult to wait 🎄😁

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