Carnivore Dreams-Early Christmas and Substack

We celebrated Christmas this last weekend this year since my daughter switches off Christmas/Thanksgiving each year with her husband’s family. This was our Thanksgiving year, so we had our Christmas early with our kids. It was nice, of course, and nobody was sick. Aways nice.

I’ve been pondering how I’ll handle my new Substack site. I’m sort of thinking I’ll keep WordPress for more family stuff and pictures and Substack (which offers less censorship or political correctness than most other places) for my professional work–snippets from my short stories and novel–and of course, politics. It also seems to make more sense than completely duplicating my WordPress posts, though I might occasionally do that. I think what I’ll do is post a link back to each if they are interested in more. I’m not used to Substack at all and my daughter is helping me get some publishing information and a few pictures up on it but that could take several weeks to a couple months–she’s very busy right now. (I’m technologically challenged).

I’ve been asked to contribute a couple stories to an anthology on fishing in the U.P. and I hope that gets me formally back into my work after the first of the year. I’ll probably post links to some excerpts here and you can see them on Substack where you are welcome to follow me.

But here are some photos from my multi-talented photographer/music teacher/editor daughter from our weekend. I hope yours was good. But doubt it could have been as good as mine. (I didn’t post photos from our monkey bread or frittata breakfasts, but this was amazing enough). Oh, and she didn’t send me photos of her Brandy Alexanders by email. They were amazing.

Cioppino and steak and lobster one night. Prime rib another. Here are the former:

And now the latter: (most of it was rare, but my daughter prefers an edge piece)

And finally her shot of the bridge to our library right across the street that might have to be my next Christmas card:

Many of you, I’m sure, who celebrate Christmas have a busy week ahead. We, though, may go out to dinner after the Lions game Saturday on Christmas Eve (though if we win, the late afternoon game could be big and we may have to watch it), have lamb chops Christmas Day, pizza and Asti New Year’s Eve, and leftover cioppino New Year’s Day — just my husband, son Josh, and me.

I hope your holiday goes as nicely. Let me know.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams-Early Christmas and Substack

  1. I’ve thought about Substack as well but mostly landed on Medium, which I’ve ignored for a long time. I want to expound on more things but then, I get so caught up in them and bail out. It’s the same reason I don’t watch as much youtube anymore: I get stressed by the horrible state of affairs in this country.

    1. Yes, I am having to limit my ingesting of all news sources. I think it’s the source of my overall physical ailments. But I think I’ll get focused and still write about some of it in a more controlled way–and get back to my fiction and diet posts as well. Happy New Year!

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