Carnivore Dreams – Dad, Mom and Substack Part II

Dad above on the Badger Ferry from Ludington to Green Bay.

Strange these writing cues seem to be popping up on WordPress here and strange it says to talk about my father or father figures–my father’s good friend just passed away last night (my father passed in June).

Mom: (Dad at end but Mom at the height of her movie star beauty:

I don’t have a real good post for today–just a link to my Substack site where I’ll be doing less personal posts, more professional and/or political.

Here you go. Feel free to follow me both places.

9 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Dad, Mom and Substack Part II

  1. Nice post. Sorry about your Dad, and your Mother is beautiful. I’m posting less these days and trying to stay less political. I realized it makes no difference and keeps me in a constant state of agitation. Write about life, your life, your parents life, things that matter to people when they read.

  2. Yes, I’m trying to limit politics because I think it’s giving me an ulcer, I hear you– and limiting my contact with political people who are just upsetting. I’m hoping to get into my fiction after the first of the year and concentrate there on Substack–more personal and diet things on here. We’ll see how I do. Happy holidays, Phil.

  3. It seems typical to think of our parents – especially if they’ve passed – at this time of year. Your mom was a beauty.
    I limit my political discussions, people I work with have different views and I stew and bite my tongue a lot.
    I plan to play around over at substack and get something going there for 2023.

    1. Abby, I tried to post on your site, and check to see if I was following you. I remember we had a correspondence about John Holton. But it says it won’t give me my google password (I know I had one when I taught at Northern Michigan) because I didn’t give them enough information, so not sure if my comment posted or not. Let me know on here how I can follow you, especially if you go to Substack! Or email me at

      1. Oh, weird. No, I didn’t see a comment from you at my blogger site. Not sure how to follow without a google login – that’s blogger for ya. Once I get my Substack going, I’ll let you know!

  4. Yep, let me know when you get on Substack,.Abby. Comment on one of my posts and I’ll follow you. Don’t really like messing with google anyway, but no way to figure out how to get back on.

    1. She was something, all right. Guys used to say it was too bad I didn’t look more like her and stuff. She got very heavy later in life, but that was her hair modeling period.

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