Carnivore Dreams- Detroit Lions

I don’t seem to know how to hyperlink anything anymore. It’s a busy day so just posting a fun link about my Lions’ Jamaal Williams letting them have it for disrespecting us. Fun game. Packers are whining today. Too bad the Rams couldn’t pull out that game for us. I usually have another team I root for in the playoffs. Last year it was Matt Stafford’s Rams for obvious reasons. I guess I’ll pull for Vikings, Buccaneers, and possibly Cowboys in certain scenarios. And I’ll settle on a team for the Super Bowl. Whatever the matchup.

But here is a link to Jamaal Williams, traded by the Packers, dedicating breaking Barry Sanders’ TD record to his great grandfather and letting the football crowd know that we “are the Detroit Lions. Stop playing with us.” We Lions fans got a smile.

Great game. Too bad the Rams didn’t pull it off for us.

Happy Monday. I’m off to the doctor today and trying to get pine needles cleaned up.

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