Carnivore Dreams- Brawn over Brains

My weights are only ten pounds. Highest weight so far.

But I have a new strategy. I’m eating closer to keto keeping under 50 carbs. And I’m prioritizing strength training over cardio (though I think I’m getting plenty of the latter as well).

About six months ago, I added in more protein and I gained about 7 pounds maybe pretty quick, but I wasn’t doing much strength training. Now I have a moderately intense workout four days/week and on Wednesday I do either meditation or strength yoga, Sat., I do some abdominal work and ride the bike a bit, Sunday off. And I walk the dog daily, ending up with around 5,000 steps. They say 7,000-10,000 is better maybe and I’ll increase as spring approaches–the wind off our bay can be so off-putting. We had a few mild unwindy days lately and it was a pleasure to walk down by the water, but last night it kicked up some more like normal and much worse to come soon.

My strength training lady made some sense to me. She claims we should be eating at least in maintenance most of the time and not dieting more for three months here and there. In order to build muscle you have to eat in maintenance or slight surplus at least.

Well, this was a lot of food for me on a daily basis, but I’m getting used to it. For my age and fitness routine (which I’ve increased I think) I should be eating between 1725-1800 calories/day to maintain 129 pounds. My ideal weight MAY be slightly lower, but until June I am trying to build muscle. I definitely haven’t gained any more, but I AM getting stronger and more toned.

Building muscle takes years and harder at my age, though thanks to 23 and Me I know I have “elite athlete type 2 muscle fibers” I think they call it. That’s a help.

So my diet now: two eggs, butter, blueberries, sometimes bacon, lunch/snack: protein drink after exercise, dinner 6-12 ounces grassfed meat of some sort and a salad or vegetable, avocados sometimes, green beans sometimes, smoked oysters. Milk twice/day. Sometimes an English muffin. Sometimes a glass of wine. That’s a lot for me. But I’m trying to heal my anxiety and my stomach. And since I’m lifting heavy weights, I can handle a bit of carbs.

I’m also having slippery elm and ginger teas off and on and only one cup of coffee in the morning.

Still getting some headaches, but I’m turning off the wireless and my phone every night. Wish I could turn off all the electricity like I do at camp, but that should improve things. Better night’s sleep.

My thyroid function may have changed some. Had that blood work yesterday. My resting heart rate seems to have dropped some on average. Closer to 60-65. Sometimes 57, so we checked that with a heart monitor. Don’t know results on that yet.

Monday I officially start my two-month weight program thingy and will weigh in and take measurements, though I’ve already started.

Ok, I hear my son moving around. Will get him breakfast and get to my lower body weights for today, clean up the kitchen and bathroom (I committed to having a company deep clean later in the month so will hold off on too much cleaning). And my husband makes his way here for the weekend (I guess we’ll watch playoffs and get my new I-phone changed over, bummer on my Lions just missing). But my fire is going and no headache for now (though I had one at 4 a.m.).

I’m sad Lisa Marie died so young–sorry for her mom–and it seems the end of an era. So I better make the most of today. You, too.

Drop comments. I love comments.

10 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams- Brawn over Brains

  1. By all means, I hope all goes well with the exercise.

    Sorry to hear about Lisa Marie. She was married to Michael Jackson once. Did they ever have kids? Was the son who committed suicide MJ’s? Inquiring minds want to know…

    1. No, I don’t think the kid that killed himself was MJ’s. But he WAS a dead ringer for Elvis. Lisa Marie looked just like him, too. She might have been abusing pain killers or something. Have to wait and see. But sad. I liked Elvis and it seems sad to have her gone.

      1. You feel a certain sense of loss when something like this happens. It’s not someone you know except by name, but you’re so used to seeing their name. And the fact she was relatively young makes it even sadder.

  2. Yeah, I suppose it’s the tie to Elvis and how he was so influential when I was growing up. My dad disliked the Kennedys (these days they are nearly conservative), but when Jackie died, he was really really sad. I guess it’s something like that –how these famous people informed our lives, were part of it–especially those we were moved by in some way. I was really sad when Robin Williams died –the world seemed to lose something–and I wasn’t always fond of his humor. My dad said he was filthy in person which he thought was a shame cuz the guy was so talented he didn’t need to rely on it. My comedians are really important to me–I hate to lose comedians. Laughter is the only thing that gets us through all this. I hope Tom Hanks is taking care of himself. And Steve Martin. Ha. I guess I’m wandering…

  3. I am going back to more keto type foods soon; I think I amassed too many carbs and they store so well that I was just overloaded. I noticed from doing a 48 hour fast how much that helped to purge. I can handle some carbs with running but I can’t find time to run!

    1. I haven’t made keto fat bombs ever! But I’ve read about them. I do like those chaffles a lot, but don’t make those too often. I have a tiny waffle maker. I eat a touch of manuka honey and blueberries, but I watch how many plants I eat since many don’t agree with me. I eat lettuce and sometimes a little avocado. I don’t worry about staying in ketosis all the time. I also like those keto lava cakes a lot with monkfruit! But I do those just now and then. We have a relative who just hounds us daily to go vegan. Dream on…

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