Carnivore Dreams — Dreams and resemblance

Nope, not Paul McCartney. He’s my son John. I was listening to John H’s dream songs and was watching the Beatles and thought of my son as usual. He plays guitar in rock/jazz bands and also acoustical guitar. He’s very good. I’ve always loved this candid shot.

I need to get into my dream novel. My goal this week is to revise a fishing story and acclimate myself to my dream/time novel before a major revision which will take months.

I’m also officially starting my maintenance diet and weight lifting/exercise routine today since the group and coach I signed up for starts today.

And they come to finally fix my dishwasher. Getting tired of paper plates.

Happy Monday.

10 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams — Dreams and resemblance

  1. Wow! Your son sounds talented and yes, I did think the picture was of Paul Mcartney. Wishing you all the best on the novel and the fitness plan. I’ve signed up for one too and should start it in a day or two – the moment I send her my measurements. The thought is scaring me as I find it hard to keep up. It’s good to see things moving again for you, Lynn. Hugs.

  2. I think I’m supposed to do measurements and it starts today? Who did you sign up with? This lady’s name is Shannon Collins. Coincidence. I just asked for my macro configurations and I have access to the exercises for a year or more and the group thing for a month or six weeks.

  3. Have you had to wait a long time for a repairman for your dishwasher? We have long waits for service calls, and a lot of guys doing the repair work are Eastern European who seem to have only recently arrived here. Our dishwasher has been out of commission for a couple of years now. We have to replace it…. honestly, this will be the fourth dishwasher in 35 years. Things don’t last like they used to…

    1. Ha. It’s been weeks, ordering parts, and he just called today when he was supposed to show up and says the part came in broken and can I wait another week. He thought it would be here today but it’s MLK day. So yes, waiting forever.

  4. This is a nice candid shot of your son, who does nicely resemble Paul M.
    Have fun with the diet and exercise, hope it helps with your novel.
    We are just coming off our own dishwasher drama. After all the hassles, we realized we’re happy to handwash – good riddance!

    1. Thanks, Abby! Well, I guess I like the dishwasher more for during the day so you can hide things without having to formally wash everything. Yeah, Johnny really looked like Paul, especially when he was younger.

    1. You know I should ask him! He does a lot of things like this and doesn’t tell me. He does play in a community jazz band these days though he’s very busy as a computer steel cad guy. I think we will be going south in winters from now on! Need to find a monthly campground that’s half way affordable? I know you travel some. Where are you? In New Mexico? AZ? I’m sure it’s on your blog. But it appears our finances are going to loosen up here the end of the year. And my husband will retire. That would really be fun. I like to get out of here at least part of Feb. and all of March. I say this as I watch the blizzard outside and I have to go to physical therapy at 2! Ha.

  5. I think I told you I have been there in my twenties! I did really like it there. A bit farther to go than Texas or southern Georgia. But I really like Tuscon a lot. And haven’t spent much time in the town of Lake Havasu! Well, I’ll keep it on the list and it might work out. The finances are turning out much better than I feared! We have some real estate we are getting a balloon on and we think we’ll sell our apartments on a land contract, though that may take a while to put together. I’d love to meet you and hang in the sun!

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