Carnivore Nightmares

Too many numbers and taxes. My dreams were far from restful and definitely not my mother. YUCK.

First I dreamed someone ran up $9K on one of my credit cards. I knew who did it and I think some authorities were dealing with her. Then I dreamed I was in this basement with a playpen full of five RATS. They were mostly snoozing. Suddenly my dog was in the pen with them along with a snarling wolf who was snarling at her and at me. I was able to teleport her out of the pen but then she was trying to eat hot charcoal coals. Got that stopped just in time to see someone pull this lever and initiate the nuclear bomb. I knew who did it. Woke up before it landed on us. My daughter was there along the way….

Not a fun night. Definitely not my comedians I usually dream about who always make me laugh and/or seem to like me a lot.

About to get bundled up and head out in this blizzard (thanks Phil, perhaps the rodent thing was in anticipation of that) –to go to physical therapy. Trying to deal with some pain in my neck and upper back which gives me a lot of headaches. Though I think my new antihistamine is helping a lot…

I’ll try some dream incubation tonight and see if I can avoid rodents.

Happy Thursday, folks.

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