Carnivore Dreams – Synchronicity and the Vagus Nerve

Vagus nerve. Ever heard of it?

I’ll be posting a lot more about it soon. Probably tomorrow. Pretty interesting thing.

I’m a believer in “causal coincidences” as Carl Jung would put it. More soon.

It’s snowing here in upper Michigan. Schools are closed. So I have a fire going and the snow is nice to see out the French doors.

I’ve been working on my novel and will post bits of it here and there on Substack.

I’ve increased my calories trying to build muscle, eat closer to maintenance most of the time. That seems to be going pretty well. It will be chicken wings and salad tonight with a whey protein shake for after dinner. Had eggs and bacon for breakfast with a touch of orange juice since I can’t tolerate vitamin C supplements.

Happy Thursday!

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Synchronicity and the Vagus Nerve

  1. It’s snowing! I’m not sure whether I’m happy we didn’t get snow this year, or upset. On one hand I’m happy I didn’t have to drive in it, but on the other hand… it was 83 degrees outside today which is NOT normal. I hope the novel is going well!

  2. I have a “vague” idea of the vagus nerve and will watch for your follow ups.
    We’ve got snow and c-c-c-c-cold. I miss our woodburning stove.

    1. Very cold here, Abby, and a bit of snow, though we are done until Monday when we get 4.5 more inches. We hadn’t had much this winter until now, but very white out there now! Happy Saturday.

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