Carnivore Dreams – Dreams and a Calling

Last night I dreamed about Tucker Carlson again. He was wearing an army green trench coat and holding my hand. I’ve dreamed about him twice now. I haven’t dreamed about my comedians in a long long time.

My writing group at Northern once told me I must be a narcissist for dreaming about famous people. I always thought of it as an escape from my life and there was always something about the famous person and how he behaved that revealed something about my life. Dreaming too literally about my days doesn’t happen that often, though since my dad has died, I’ve dreamed several times of trying to get him up from a fall or get him to eat without choking.

There might have been more to the Tucker dream but I didn’t write it down right away. I wasn’t ready to get up. One thing I’ve noticed about my dreams is I’m remembering them even when I go back to sleep–unusual for me. That dream about my best friend from high school having some kind of problem with her hair and these health people wanting to shave her head bald also happened long before I was ready to get up.

But both my books on creativity claim as I do that your “dream life” is just as “real” as you “awake” life. And of course, many cultures think they are shape shifting, time traveling with shamans and more. I believe that’s possible. Perhaps our dreams are portals into a parallel universe (of which there are endless worlds).

No Mom, though.

Did you ever have a feeling in your life of a calling? I did. I was in I’d say 8th grade maybe earlier when I knew I was called to write. I was sitting there at my little antique writing desk and felt this calling from some bigger power or force. It still gives me goosebumps. I was researching some on Taylor Caldwell, an early writer who gave me inspiration. She won a writing award at age 6 and wrote her first novel at age 12. Which wasn’t published until she was famous. She was a big advocate for personal liberty and freedom of expression she knew even in 1950 was being threatened. She was threatened for her politics by publishers and the government–she had become wildly published before they figured out her positions.

And I AM writing.

I’m so excited I located my Idea file (which I save in Dropbox and I’ve also printed out a hard copy to keep in my computer bag. I used to print out occasional hard copies of any project I was working on, but it got cumbersome. Still, I might start doing that again or at least save to the computer as well as the cloud off and on.

I’m sure Hemingway had a calling. Other writers claim they didn’t really know until much later in life and didn’t really have such an actual event.

As Pressfield says, we can’t be anything we want to be–there is always something we as an individual are called to do–it’s our job to do it. I’m paraphrasing. It’s there. We can either do it or not do it.

Happy Monday.


2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Dreams and a Calling

  1. The only thing I use Dropbox for is for Scrivener, to pass things between my computers and my phone. I have iCloud and would prefer to use that, but appatently that doesn’t work…

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