Carnivore Dreams – Tucker Carlson

They just fired the last bastion of independent thought on major cable news. I just watched my last Fox broadcast. I’ll switch to Newsmax.

12 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Tucker Carlson

    1. Well, lots of speculation on Newsmax but some say it had to do with some of the law suits but bottom line is he isn’t allowed to say certain things. He’ll be fine. We can follow him, but Fox might have just shot themselves in the foot. Tucker hasn’t made a statement yet. Some people think there might be some contractual reasons he can’t for a couple months. But this is a big deal.

      1. I’ll bet he has at least a podcast, maybe a Sirius/XM channel, and will land on OANN or NewsMax. He’ll be fine. Fox just took careful aim and shot itself in the foot.

  1. I’ve been ticked at Fox for a while now and that’s it for me. Tucker will be fine because he’ll take his audience and make even more money, though not sure if as many people will hear important ideas on a regular basis Not sure. But maybe information is changing enough that that won’t matter. Fox is done, I’m sure.

  2. Let’s hope it lands at Newsmax, where he has a home and supporters. I haven’t had access to Fox in many years, but even watching it on Youtube is disturbing.

  3. Phil, well I was just listening to Steve Bannon — I have never listened to him before but was trying to get his take on Fox. He says if Tucker wants to be paid out on his contract he might not be able to do ANYTHING for YEARS! I hope he turns his back on the money but he might not be able to do it without getting sued, even on a PODCAST! That would be a disaster for this country.

  4. My opinion is the mainstream news will now drip out more of the truth to the sleepers as not to shake them too hard. We don’t want them to jump from windows.
    Don Lemmon is not the only one taken out of the picture. Ask yourself how many other people you saw all the time, just three years ago, are just not around. I feel they are being replaced slowly.

    1. Hi Andrea. Not sure what they think they are doing, but Fox did not just fire Tucker; they are trying to muzzle him through the election. It’s getting weird out here. As if it wasn’t already. 🙂

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