Carnivore Dreams – New World Order — How to Stop it — Think Small

My mother taught me that your friends and support system will be few in number, but they are the ones who will be there for you. Of course, this makes sense. Wendell Berry (a liberal) wrote beautifully about how only small agrarian cultures will work–and of course this world order is about to melt down, especially here.

So how do we combat the new world order, global economy, digital currency, censorship and more? Here are some thoughts:

  1. Don’t stop talking. Find places to talk and do not be silenced by anyone including family and friends. Silence is NOT the better part of valor. If your friends require that you be quiet, get new friends.
  2. Buy locally, barter locally, invest locally. Develop small communities. Try to stop buying from China or other places, but better yet, support those immediately surrounding you. CSA Farms.
  3. Boycott companies who are anti-American and woke. (This is something conservatives never indulged in before, but we no longer have that luxury). Stop paying. And stop now.
  4. Make your own gardens, find small organic meat farms even mail order.
  5. Be careful with your technological footprint—computers, I-phones, credit cards, health records—do all you can to retain your privacy (I don’t mean allow yourself to be silenced, but particularly watch things like digital currency, credit cards, larger banks that offer “safety and convenience” — look into credit unions and use cash —whatever connections you make should be local.
  6. HOME SCHOOL your children. These are the most important measures we can take. Freedom lies in the hands of our children, and we cannot allow them to brainwash our children, separate them from families and family values. I used to believe in free expression of ideas and that people should be exposed to all ideas in order to be a critical thinker—but of course they are no longer exposed to ALL ideas. The whole spectrum of woke thinking they have been slowly indoctrinating our children with needs to be stopped. I am hoping teachers will begin starting small affordable schools of their own for parents who can’t afford private school.
  7. Either be sure the university you send your kids to actually honors the constitution and the First Amendment. Nothing wrong with trade schools and nothing wrong with giving your kids a two-three-year break from school where they work or travel. STOP PAYING them to brainwash your children.
  8. I also recommend as much prepping as you can do—in case our power grid is compromised, or these idiots release more gain of function disasters on an unsuspecting populace. If you can afford a generator and a propane tank, do it. You need a lot of water (you might be able to dig your own well), stock up on dry and canned food goods and keep your freezer stocked with meat. Just add a few things every week. Keep gasoline in your garage. There are GPS units that can text by satellite in an emergency, and these are fairly affordable, not cheap, but worth it. Get a crank and battery/run radio. Keep a few months of prescriptions on hand.
  9. Don’t forget your second amendment rights. Hard to say how long we’ll retain them.
  10. Don’t let them call you a “conspiracy theorist.” That is their answer to the flat out lies and narrative and the state media that has rejected all debate over the facts. Instead, you are censored and demonized. Unfortunately, this is war.

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