Carnivore Dreams -Censorship 1984

Ok, here is the thing, people. They are playing hardball here. Who is? Our (world) government colluding with corporate America (global corporate), Big Tech players, Big Pharma particularly.

I don’t care what your past political affiliations. Are you really willing to tolerate the uni-party and state media controlling the rest of our existence and that of our children?

Two things happened this week you shouldn’t ignore. It APPEARS, according to most sources that Fox News did not FIRE Tucker Carlson–they censored him. Or they will try to. He is under contract to them through our next election cycle and they plan to muzzle him? Are you kidding me? I am not sure he will tolerate that–there must be some way around it if only appearing on other podcasts and shows like Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly, Joe Rogan. They can’t stop him from being a guest on Newsmax if he’s not paid can they? Can he walk away from the contract and do as he pleases? We will fund him–Kari Lake’s solution. Not sure if Fox still has legal recourse, though.

And ABC censored Robert Kennedy Jr. when he talked about the vaccines when it’s illegal to censor people running for public office. Then announced that what he said was “false.” Of course, Big Pharma is the biggest advertiser on all these news shows which used to be ILLEGAL, folks.

I don’t think they’ll win and cable news may be dying. That’s the good news.

I will not give Fox another minute of my viewership because it’s clear that there is a uni-party that is ok with censoring people. Tucker is better off on his own. Tucker unleashed.

I’ll watch a bit of Newsmax, Greta to get a fair summary of what’s happening and what Democrats are doing, get the headlines from their fake news on NYT or Washington Post from MSN. Then I’ll watch podcasts. Daily Wire, Megyn Kelly, Joe Rogan and Tucker will land somewhere soon. It’s hard to believe he’ll tolerate being muzzled through our next election cycle.

But nobody should tolerate this. This is out of the communist playbook. To refuse to debate issues and just demonize, censor, cancel all dissenters.

Unless they are useful idiots for them for a while. Like Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

What is clear is that Fox News is willing to censor people they disagree with. Firing him is fine; muzzling him puts them in a place I’d never believed they’d go. Bobby Kennedy thinks they did this to Tucker because he was on his show in the last week and Big Pharma said, stop him or we stop your advertising.

Civil liberties and the First Amendment are the only true bi-partisan issues we have, but they are the only ones that matter. The left talks about “Democracy” and in order to achieve that in their view, they must cancel half of America. If you live in a place where you don’t hear lots of differing opinions, especially ones you hate, you are not in a free society.

Boycott any news source that censors people or talks about “disinformation” because it’s THEM giving you “disinformation.”

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams -Censorship 1984

  1. Lots and lots of good stuff here. I’m not concered with being lied to: I want to hear all sides and make up my own mind. What I am concerned about is the government deciding for me what I can and cannot hear based on what they consider true or false.

  2. Exactly. Remedy for bad speech is more speech. Convince us with debate and facts. I never would have thought we’d be here in this country. Tucker is pissing off lots of important people: Big Pharma, establishment globalists in both parties, socialists and atheists, military industrial complex, intelligence community and more. Woke crazies. RFK who was a renowned environmentalist just came out and said the WEC and the climate people are using it for control like they did with the virus. He is hitting all my boxes, though I’m not for late term abortion and he’d need to skirt that issue in the general right now–it always should have been a states’ issue because people can vote on it themselves. And are. He’s pretty smart, though. I’d like to see him as VP or president, but if it’s Biden I’ll be voting for whoever opposes him. Trump, DeSantis. I don’t care. Worried about the establishment types putting up a third option which will doom conservatives. Nightmare really. This censorship is the big threat, not any policy…

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