Carnivore Dreams – Tucker Carlson

Here is the thing, folks. And it’s almost hilarious.

Fox News fired Tucker Carlson and they THINK it will be like when they got rid of Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck.

Their problem is those people weren’t fired because they were being silenced. They were fired for some sexual indiscretion or I suspect in Glenn Beck’s case, it was because he was crying on air almost every night.

They ARE trying to silence Tucker Carlson.

And here is the funny part and why they have finally screwed themselves: they have created the biggest news story, maybe even bigger than the war or the election, and THEY CAN’T REPORT ON IT. It’s going to be ongoing until the election, and they’ve pushed people to Newsmax or even the fake legacy media to find out about it. Or on podcasts like Megyn Kelly–I imagine he’ll be invited on many of those.

Also funny: they’ve fired the one person who can (if he turns his back on the money–and it’s reported he’s considering that)–who can ruin their business.

This was about censorship and I do not think they “chose wisely” as they say in Indiana Jones. This cartoon is going around this morning:

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3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Tucker Carlson

    1. No more Fox for me. They were annoying as it was. I’ll follow Tucker wherever he lands. And I watch/listen to Daily Wire a lot. Megyn Kelly is good and I listen to her and Glenn Beck some. So I’ll watch podcasts or individual people. I catch Newsmax for a bit, but I, too, am cutting back on news overall.

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