Carnivore Dreams-Early Christmas and Substack

We celebrated Christmas this last weekend this year since my daughter switches off Christmas/Thanksgiving each year with her husband's family. This was our Thanksgiving year, so we had our Christmas early with our kids. It was nice, of course, and nobody was sick. Aways nice. I've been pondering how I'll handle my new Substack site. … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams-Early Christmas and Substack

Carnivore Dreams – Who ARE these people?

Who ARE these people? In my home state of Michigan, they voted to legalize abortion with no limits (supposedly limits except the physical or MENTAL health of the mother--right--that's no limits), voted to eliminate voter ID or any verification to vote--conservatives will never win another election here. MONTANA refused to protect the life of a … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Who ARE these people?