Carnivore/Keto Labs (cholesterol) and Health Update

Ok, to recap.  I was on Keto three months, Carnivore 52 days, then Keto another two months or so here.  I lost a good twenty pounds in all this time.  I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, but just take a thyroid pill and nothing else for prescription medications.  I'll be 64 years old March 13th.  I weigh … Continue reading Carnivore/Keto Labs (cholesterol) and Health Update

Carnivore Dreams – Thoughts on Mikhaila Peterson, DNA

The Carnivore Diet thoughts.  Well, to refresh your memory, I was on keto for about three months, Carnivore for about two months, then I've mostly been on keto another couple months with a cheat day here and there. I felt fabulous on Carnivore, lost about twenty-two pounds overall, but my cholesterol skyrocketed to almost 400, … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Thoughts on Mikhaila Peterson, DNA