I love words so I write them. I’ve been doing that since I was old enough to read. I am a published literary writer and I was an adjunct English professor at Northern Michigan University for many years. I write and live and love off the grid on 35 acres and a trout stream in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with my son, Joshua, who has Down Syndrome, and with an English Shepherd dog named Maggie, and with my husband when he can make it here which isn’t often. This blog started out being about my work, and it will continue to be. ( I’m working on a novel about premonitions and dreams.) But this blog is also about living off the grid and about my experimentation with diet—most recently the Carnivore Diet. I started on the Ketogenic diet, but have moved into Carnivore. How long, I don’t know. But I’ve become interest in the effects of diet on not just my health, but on creativity. And I’m interested in the effects of the diet on my dreams.

Ah, dreams… The day before my son was born, my mother “dreamed” or was told my son would have Down Syndrome, something she told my brother ahead of time. I’ve never known what to make of that. So I’m interested in prophetic dreams, lucid dreaming, creativity and dreams, night terrors. Who isn’t interested in that? I’m interested in Freud (more Jung) and Einstein’s theories of time and how their ideas inform my dreams. I’m interested in mining a deeper relationship with a dream world not confined to daytime experiences, and how the night might inform a more fully imagined daytime “reality.” And vice-versa. Which is the dream?? I’m exploring dreams of all sorts. Come explore with me…

L. E. Kimball has been published in Alaska Quarterly Review, Massachusetts Review, Washington Square (New York University), Orchid, A Literary Review, Gray’s Sporting Journal, and Lynx Eye. Her first novel, A Good High Place, has been published by Switchgrass Press. Her second novel, Seasonal Roads, has been published by Wayne State University. She has also had creative nonfiction published in dozens of national publications such as ByLine, Exceptional Parent, Country Almanac, and she’s been published in the op.ed. section of The Detroit News.

Lynn also holds both her bachelor’s degree in English and an MFA from Northern Michigan University. She is currently an Assistant Contingent Professor at NMU.

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  1. Wayne State Press has some amazing books. Since you went to NMU, I imagine you have some great stories to tell about too much snow, gay pride parades, and crossing into Canada to drink at 18. 🙂

    1. Thank you, John. I appreciate the kind words! I lived in Gwinn for just a bit when I taught at Northern. I also have 35 acres off the grid north of Newberry on Little Two Heart, but can’t get up there right now. I love it up there. Happy holidays if you observe.

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