Carnivore Dreams Day Thirty-Seven

In case you are interested in holiday gifts!  It's available on or Wayne State University website.   Cover looks exactly like my present view out the window.   Also available:  A Good High Place.  Also available on Amazon.  The first book is set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula; the second in the Elk Rapids/Traverse City area of Michigan. It … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams Day Thirty-Seven

Carnivore Dreams Day Thirty Six- Monday Weigh-in

  Before/After.  Remember, I'd already lost about 15 pounds on Keto before switching to Carnivore.  Four and a half pounds down.  As you can see, less puffiness in the face and eyes.  Skin is clearer.  More shape to the face.  Still have some neck and weight about the jaw.  See my earlier posts for more … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams Day Thirty Six- Monday Weigh-in

Carnivore Dreams Day Thirty-Three – Ghosts

  This looks like the wisps of foggy apparitions I sometimes think I see in my woods.  And this looks much like the U.P.  I sip coffee and ponder today:  Where do dreams end and premonitions, spirits, begin?  The overlap of the unexplained.  I'm reading some literary ghost stories published by Wayne State University as … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams Day Thirty-Three – Ghosts