Carnivore Dreams – Blood Groups Matter!

Ok, kind of gruesome photo.  Now that I have your attention! Blood group DOES matter for diseases.  Hm, and isn't THIS interesting.  Type O people are at a lower risk (and do better) for CORONAVIRUS AND MALARIA -- and isn't it interesting people are responding to MALARIA drugs!!  Fascinating stuff.  Type O people seem to … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Blood Groups Matter!

Carnivore Dreams – 23 and Me – Blood Types Matter!

I had mine done years ago and found it interesting--mostly for ancestry purposes, but paid for the health part as well.  It's been mostly reassuring on any reports they've sent on. I heard a doctor from New York City (I'd heard this a couple times) say  that people with Type A blood do worse with … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – 23 and Me – Blood Types Matter!