Carnivore/Keto Dreams- Day One


Happy Saturday from Nashville, Tennessee.  (Actually a bit north in Goodlettsville).  On the way to Alabama to see our friends.  Just overnight here.  A good day on the road yesterday and a nice Keto dinner of a large top sirloin, broccoli and a glass of wine.

We have about three hours to our friends’ house in Alabama.

We have a tiny rv we pull behind our Jeep for traveling.  Will Just big enough for the three of us to pile in and go to sleep.  A little electric space heater heats it up swimmingly.  This winter, though, we’ll stay in one spot, rather than travel, and keep an eye on my dad.  He stays in our huge 5th wheel in the winters.  Plenty of room for one person to move around all winter since it has four slides (but not something you really want to haul down the road).  But he is recuperating from pneumonia so will stick close.

It feels nice to have some humidity.  It was in the 50’s here yesterday.  Foggy and rainy this morning.  Will post some pictures of our little RV when it’s less rainy and foggy!

Will look for a Starbuck’s on way today.

Not sure of the menu.  Will report in with photos tomorrow.

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