Carnivore/Keto Thoughts — MTOR/AMPK pathway, Berberine, Intermittent Fasting – Jordan Peterson


Steaks at camp–sorry about focus–guess I should have left it smaller.

I was browsing the internet this a.m. and noticed that Jordan Peterson’s wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, though she seems to be no longer “terminal” and doing well. One thing I have not heard either he or Mikhaila discuss is fasting or other strategies to initiate autophagy and turn off MTOR pathway and to initiate AMPK (key to longevity).  I wonder if they will look into this now that Mikhaila’s mother has been ill.

MTOR pathway is what we need to grow and build muscle–a good thing when we are young–less good when we are old and want longevity.  We know both fasting and calorie restriction promote longevity.    Exercise plays a part.

From my research, it isn’t really possible to “balance” these pathways.  Or you do, but you kick one on then the other.  It seems the way to control the MTOR (which can also cause cancer) is to exercise, intermittently fast, and make use of certain compounds like Berberine, which also aids in this (as does coffee).  There is a list.  Then just kick it on long enough to build muscle.

Diet (as long as healthy and consisting of whole foods and little sugar) seems to be less significant than fasting in controlling this negative pathway.  Fasting and exercising seem to be crucial.  Confine eating to four-six hour window, exercise near the end of the fast, then  you want to eat protein to preserve muscle.  Longer fasts of a couple days very occasionally help with autophagy (a cleaning of your cells).

I periodically post that if you are doing any diet, (but possibly more significant on carnivore or keto that are protein-heavy), fasting is crucial.  So this is what I do most days (I occasionally have a big breakfast after a longer fast).  But:

Black coffee for breakfast along with my thyroid pill and Berberine (I believe a bit of heavy cream– if you want– will not mess up your fast).  I exercise most days around 3 or 4, some days weight lifting or body resistance, some days yoga, always do walking.   Stand and move a lot.  I drink coffee most of the day.  Then I eat something (to briefly activate MTOR in order to retain muscle) after exercise like smoked salmon or eggs, then a big carnivore or ketogenic dinner.  I try to not eat after 8, though I do sometimes sip on some heavy cream if I’m hungry at bed time.

I feel irresponsible not bringing up the possibility that a carnivore diet or even keto (really ANY diet) might be initiating MTOR.  Fasting is crucial to good health and longevity.  This is true no matter what whole food organic diet one chooses.

I am intermittently fasting until dinner when I’ll have some chicken thighs  Not sure what else yet.  But I have decided this weekend will be one of rest, limited eating, a lot of reading.

Happy Saturday.  It’s gorgeous here.  Here are a couple pics:Porch

Hm, can’t get my other cool picture to send to myself.  Will post later.

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