Carnivore Dreams -Jung for the Day

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I used to make my English students at Northern Michigan do the old “what three dead people would you have at a dinner party and why and what would you serve for dinner” writing prompt thing. I knew they’d seen it before, but it told me a lot about my students.

I only know I’d have Jung and Einstein so far, and my menu is still in formation. I think I’d have a musician or comedian for my third. Dylan isn’t dead yet, maybe Elvis or Robin Williams. And still not sure what we’d eat.  Jesus would be interesting (even though I don’t necessarily think he was the”son of God” but my inclination is still to lighten the party.  Or I might go with Hemingway or F. Scott. Gees, a woman would be nice.  Virginia Woolf or Janis Joplin?  Too heavy.  Still want someone to entertain.  Not really impressed with political or activist do-gooders–always suspicious of them.  Some sort of superiority about them.  But Jung and Einstein for sure.

I’m on the road today but I’m thinking of you all.  Happy Tuesday.

Tell me about your dinner party…

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams -Jung for the Day

  1. I was just talking with a friend about Robin Williams. I could not watch any of his movies for about a year after he died. Many stars that have passed far too young broke my heart but not like him passing.

  2. Yes, I showed my students Dead Poet’s Society right after that–they just loved it. The world seemed so much sadder after he died. Like a light left the world. I dream about comedians — crazy thing. I guess because they are the smartest people on the planet and I love that they make me laugh. You are right. There was just something about his passing…

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