Carnivore Dreams – Day Three

I’d forgotten Jung actually said what I’ve been writing about for a while. Night dreams are really closer to reality than we realize and might be much more significant in ways we’d never have understood.

I sometimes comment on Matt Taibbi’s substack articles — very smart guy. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he’s fighting hard to protect my right to say it. Well, one of the people on there calls me an idiot all the time and one of his insults is that I’m a “Jungian” — he considers that a sign of insanity.

I suppose. Jung was a person who didn’t claim to understand everything under the sun and who knew everything couldn’t be explained the way Freud tried to do–and Jung was fascinated by an almost ordered meaningful set of circumstances — synchronicity — and the significance this leant to the human experience.

So I guess that’s part of what makes me insane to this guy. He also accuses me of listening to echo chambers exclusively which is ludicrous since we are both reading Matt Taibbi and exchanging ideas. Ironical I’m talking to him and in NO echo chamber. He also can’t understand the difference between discussing issues and insulting people personally, so I no longer reply to him at all–and of course, he insults all kinds of people on there.

But I thought the Jung comment was interesting because I never talked about Jung and perhaps he did see something about me that was like him–I suspect he read my blog, though, actually. Since my name on there is my writing name, my maiden name, the same as here.

But at any rate, Jung (and Einstein’s ideas of Time) informs my life and all my writing, especially my fantasy novel I’ll get back to as soon as my I self publish my memoir. I have a chance of getting a commercial publisher for the fantasy novel. I always used university presses until they found out I was a libertarian for my literary work. Try to get published today at most university presses if you aren’t far left or a member of an oppressed culture. Despite they are publicly funded.

We have rain today and low pressure, so Day Three hasn’t gone the best. My father’s ventilator folks came and checked out his equipment, but my head is splitting. So I haven’t exercised or yet worked on the memoir edits. But my diet was pretty good yesterday. I’d like to cut out the beef jerky as snacks since they are loaded with preservatives (and thus possibly responsible for making my headache worse as well). I should make my own. I need a good snack.

But yesterday I did my strength yoga and I’m still sore from the last two days of full body and that, so I think a day of rest might be in the cards. I have a few other stressors going — our refi on our family home hasn’t gone through after the pre-approval– a huge issue since we are buying out my dad’s reverse mortgage. Not sure the delay. But worrisome since HUD agreed to their appraisal amount. Phone rang and woke me early, so I’m short of sleep today. Too.

So I’m considering fasting today and resting, hoping my headache clears enough I can work on the memoir later on. I’m making french dip sandwiches for those guys from the leftover prime rib and tomorrow they have leftover Swiss steak, so I can stick to eggs and beef filets tomorrow.

BUT the advantage to being “insane” like I am — is that Jungian thought is a way to believe things are meant to happen as they do — with or without a spiritual element to it. Well, really there IS a spiritual element to it, or a paranormal element at least, it’s just your idea of what form that takes. It’s funny, though. Freud and Jung parted ways over this issue and Freud attributed everything to repressed sexuality. But at the end of his life, he admitted that he almost decided to make his practice/research center around the paranormal. So his real ideas on it all are not clear. Synchronicity is a way to remind us that circumstances –both good and bad– cannot be trusted at face value since they are both interconnected, one leading to the other and back again. So insane or not, that gives me strength and comfort.

Even this horrible political situation might be good in disguise as it might just wake people up finally about what these people have in mind–though it all depends on how much they can create dependent societies that prefer the (false) promise of security over freedom.

We’ll see…

Happy Wednesday, folks.

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