Carnivore Dreams

Weird. Off and on, I dream someone is yelling my name, but lately it had been happening every night. Sometimes it sounds like my dad’s voice — who I’m caretaker for –but sometimes the voice is muffled, and not always male.

But it jars me awake to the point I jump up and yell “what?”

Apparently, this is not uncommon. And it wasn’t for me except for the constant nature of it.

The psychics and new age folks say someone is trying to get my attention. About something. And with my mother actually trying to show me a recipe in my dreams, it seems to be her.


It’s weird, though. It takes me a few minutes to realize nobody has screamed at me. And it’s bad for anxiety and adrenal health to be shocked awake like that, heart hammering and all. Last night was the first night I don’t think it’s happened in over a week.

There are so many things that are worrisome right now, I don’t even know which thing to pay attention TO.

But I’m about to do some reading and then a bit o of revision. Not sure where I left off revising the memoir/cookbook thing. But will see if I can acclimate myself. Need to get that done in the next two weeks. But I do have a trip downstate for Josh and me–physicals. Week from today, so two days minimum on road. Then just regular health stuff for my dad until mid-March, so that is usually my time to regroup and get some writing done.

Gloom out my french doors today (actually started snowing as we speak), but I do have a cup of decaf and a big glass of water and usually work reclined on my bed because sitting at a desk wreaks havoc on my shoulders. I can’t have a fire since nobody will work on my chimney after the small chimney fire. That bums me out…

Husband’s brother has covid, unvaccinated, but has been doing pretty well. Day 7, no breathing problems. Feels better, but still tired and his eyes hurt. His wife has it, too, and has been a little worse. Terrible sore throat and a little upper respiratory rattle, but her air has been fine as well. Keeping an eye on them. But since my brother-in-law–who suddenly does not qualify for monoclonals despite having had a quadruple bi-pass and is 68 years old–all due to their incompetence on therapeutics — has done pretty well so far, it appears Omicron is not as severe.

Did some full body and the exercise bike, pretty easy today –need to work back into my program.

My Rams handled the Cardinals easily–Tom Brady will be harder but Matt beat him once this year and several times in the past.

Dinner: just hamburgers. Had some bacon and eggs so far today.

Happy Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams

  1. My husband often “hears” me calling him, startling him awake. We’ve chalked it up to his unrelenting tinnitus (if there ever was a true petty torment, tinnitus is it), but it’s getting tiresome for him.

    Glad everyone pulled through (chances are excellent, with or without monoclonal antibodies). So far, we’ve managed to miss Omicron, but we know loads of people (many vaxxed and boosted) have had it. Hasn’t killed anyone yet.

    Good to hear from you! What I wouldn’t give for some snow: it hasn’t been colder than about 52°, even at night, for weeks and weeks here in So Cal. Yuck.

    1. Hm. It has happened to me off and on for many years, but never this many nights in a row. Good to hear nobody really sick out your way. You’d never know it wasn’t the black plague from the news. So sick of these people. Tinnitus is awful. Had a few days of it here and there, probably induced by allergy meds and aspirin. Wouldn’t want that all the time. Poor guy has a lot to contend with. You sound good.

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