Carnivore Dreams – Synchronicity and my Novel

Gees, having trouble with Windows 11 on my new computer. It keeps enlarging things and sometimes going back to normal size when I have no idea how that is happening. Drag.

Anyway, we drove to my daughter’s house in Green Bay through the upper peninsula. I’m always watching for the signs. I’ve been waiting until I knew what direction to take my revision and now I know. We saw 36 deer, a flock of turkeys, a bald eagle and then just as we hit Menominee, a gray wolf. I’ve seen several in Michigan and it’s always a sign.

I’ve also been watching some tv series and I realize what’s wrong in my book. Just because I want it to be commercial doesn’t mean it has to be URBAN. I don’t write in urban settings! So I need to move much of the novel where it belongs. I’ve always used setting as objective correlative and this book– even if the language is more accessible, more commercial– should be no different. I have to write what I know. So I’ve got it. Sometimes things just can’t happen before their time.

It’s also too reflective. Not letting events speak for me. I need to depart from my life more as well.

No good thing before its time, right?

The wolf looked EXACTLY like this one, though they are more tawny up by our camp. It crossed our path on a dead run, very close to the car.

Now I just need to get the right UP setting. Maybe some of it in Marquette, some in the wilderness.

So I’m happy. I’m off to Waco tomorrow until Tuesday. Will be on the lookout for more synchronistic events. They will be there.

Oh, I’ve been singing and I am fairly certain it is engaging my vagus nerve. I haven’t used the TENS 7000 yet. Now I need some sun. Vitamin D pills don’t do it.

Happy Friday, folks. Have a nice weekend.

8 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Synchronicity and my Novel

  1. We got an ear clip for my husband’s TENS unit; alas, the clip was incompatible with the (iRelieve) unit we have. So I dropped another $35 on the TENS 7000 (it arrived in a mere 15 hours after ordering it), and the clip worked! The 7000 is better, too, in that it’s totally adjustable. He’s used the clip a total of three times (not enough to see any results), and he hasn’t experienced any negative effects. My hopes aren’t high, though: his tinnitus is caused by physical damage during surgery to his auditory nerve, but we’re hoping that vagus nerve stimulation may relieve some anxiety and maybe reduce inflammation, anyway. We’ll see.

    Enjoy your trip, the writing process, and your family! 💚

  2. Let me know. Some of it makes sense to me, so maybe it will help. I haven’t used it yet! But I think singing everyday is acdtually helping. I’m almost certain it affects Parkinson’s, so have some hope! I’m in Waco. More soon.

  3. Seems to me that sometimes, a little change of place helps us find clarity on things we’re mulling over. Like your wolf sighting during your road trip? Enjoy Waco!

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