Carnivore Dreams – Hair Styling


Here I am.  I have my hair cut, dyed and styled every six weeks.  So yep, no hair appointment.  I trimmed my own hair, trying to follow along what she’d already done.  Then I dyed my roots.  I have three more root dying kits and one overall dye job.  I won’t have highlights if I do the overall deal.

But it could be worse.

I’ve also cut my son’s hair and my Dad’s.  I see my husband is looking pretty bad so he may be next.  I usually spend $200 on my hair every six weeks and I go out to eat once/week.  I’m saving a lot of cheese, let me tell you.

We just hung the hummingbird feeders out there.  I have tons of hummers in the U.P.  I got them out too late here last year, saw just one showed up.  We’ll see if we get any here.  I have a dozen or more at the camp and I will miss them if I can’t attract them here.  Photos soon.

South Carolina pork chops in the air fryer tonight.  A bit of brown sugar in the rub, but mostly just allowable spices.  Roasted potatoes for those guys. Dad wants a pot pie and a roll, so that will be good for him on the tray.

Tomorrow:  day of rest.  Chicken wings.  Maybe some shirred eggs for breakfast.

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