Conservative Dreams – Legislatures Not the Supreme Court

Lansing, United States – May 24, 2014 – The Michigan State Capitol as viewed from within Downtown Lansing, with trees, plants, office buildings, and pedestrians and cars and a driver in the foreground, and a blue sky with clouds in the background.

There is a really good chance this will shake out like this:

Trump MIGHT win a case in Pennsylvannia in the Supreme Court.

But if not, there will be undeniable evidence presented in these swing states that is going to be hard to deny. Of massive fraud. So the legislators may just refuse to assign electors at all in these swing states.

And this will be decided in the House of Representatives. Which favors Republicans.

Nobody is reporting that the Pennsylvannia Legislature is already making resolutions not to send the electors and to decertify the election. Michigan was a disaster and it wouldn’t surprise me to see this happen in Arizona and/or Georgia. Even Wisconsin.

One can only hope they remedy this situation before Jan. vote in Georgia.

The thing stinks to high heaven.

One very likely scenario.

At least Fox is starting to report SOME of the news going on in these hearings, etc. No way is this senile idiot president.

But I doubt this will be decided in the Supreme Court.

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