Carnivore Dreams – Voting Machines

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Wow, the mainstream media is not carrying this Arizona hearing on this Dominion software and the internet. I’m streaming it live and they are showing it on Newsmax. Fox isn’t carrying it live, at least not right now. But at least they are showing pictures of the room and reporting that they are having a hearing. Checked MSNBC, nope, and about to check CNN – nope, not carrying it. Wow.

Nobody in their right mind would not only question this election, but want something done about this nation-wide. These computers cannot be online–and in order for the news people to get live feed, it HAS to be online. Duh. If ONE computer is online, they are ALL online, firewalls, encryption, or not.

Are you kidding me? WHY does the media need live feed?? Oh my GOD.

The AZ people are saying that 1200 people voted with an address of a vacant lot.

They seem completely shocked. Apparently, they have to have another hearing to authorize subpeonas to really audit these machines properly — and it’s unclear if that is happening, but they are not happy with what has happened here. Or with this equipment.

None of the AZ officials here seem to question this, or think it’s wrong –they just seem shocked by it.

However, even if they wanted to audit Maricopa County (they never checked signatures) the envelopes were separated from the ballot, so there’s no way to verify over a million votes. The machines, though, might indicate if they were adjusted with thumb drives.

God, this doesn’t seem rocket science that none of this should be set up that way.

I don’t think any sane person, after seeing those states all shut down at the same time, wouldn’t question what’s happened here. Not to mention, the organized cheating of voting when you don’t live there, dead people, signatures not verified, which is what the left does repeatedly. They could verify the signatures, but they wouldn’t know who they voted for.


If we want this country to be free, we better stop this right now, and stop this manipulation of the news as well.

You can either use paper ballots or there is a banking type computer system that might be secure. (Might be?)

This has been an organized coup by the left since the moment Donald Trump won this election and they were not prepared for it in 2016–even though they tried to stop the counting–they just didn’t have enough ballots to stuff or ways to deal with it. Then they tried to frame him with the Russia hoax, impeach him for looking at ACTUAL corruption by the Biden family.

Wow, and you have huge power structures behind this and ok with this.

There is no way we can count on this election being accurate. Rand Paul, as he always does, has the guts to question all this publicly. And Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes — the honest folks all along. And rand Paul is being hammered, of course.

Donald Trump should not leave the White House until this election is repeated in every swing state or verified to be accurate. Which of course, it can’t be.

They are talking about my county, Antrim County, and how they might have done it. Putting in fractions of votes for candidates, and remote access. Guy says Michigan is in play because of the level of fraud. He was one of the poll watchers removed and he’s a computer guy, too, so he is uniquely qualified to talk about this. Amazingly brilliant witness. Then they have another computer voting expert. Talking about chain of custody. And more. Trump won Michigan, I’m sure of it.

These media people are seriously just telling people 2+2=5. And so far, it’s working. They can’t keep this from coming out.

The judge stopped them from destroying forensic data in GA. Kemp IS behaving strangely there. This is far from over, folks.


4 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Voting Machines

  1. I’m in Georgia, and have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that a Republican governor and a Republican Secretary of State appear to have nothing to say about the absolute mess we have down here.

    Someone pointed out that they’re not stealing the election from Donald Trump or the Republicans, they’re stealing it from US, We The People. No one seems to have a problem with my vote being negated by a vote cast on behalf of a dead or imaginary person, or a person who doesn’t live here (it looks like gap-tooth Stacey Abrams is importing Democrats from all over the Southeast to come to Georgia and establish enough residence to qualify to vote in the Senate runoff elections), or with my vote for Trump being flipped by the software in the counting machines to a vote for Biden. It must be the same for you in Michigan and for people all over this country. If this doesn’t get sorted out, I’m going to skip voting in 2022 and stay home and clean my guns.

  2. You’ve got that right. It’s unbelievable, for sure. If they don’t fix this machine issue and voter ID, signatures, living there, all that, there is no point in it. I have SOME hope they are looking at this mess. The hearing in AZ sounded promising. Possibly.

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