Carnivore Dreams – Idiot Biden

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Right. With 477 counties, half that Obama won. Uh huh.

But here is his tax plan:

Biden gets on here and talks to people who have no clue and promises them crap and that the “rich are going to pay their fair share.”


He is crippling small business and the middle class like they’ve been doing for decades.  I know because we had several small businesses where we had to provide insurance for full time employees which often meant going without for ourselves and we could barely get by–dance lessons and that kind of thing and modest house payment.   Nothing fancy. A motor home we had to rent out to afford the payments.

His doubled the capital gains and death taxes and all will crush small business or make it impossible to start one or keep one in the family.   They are even making it hard to hold on to private property or a family home. (AOC talks about seizing private property). And middle class people like us will lose our retirement we worked all our lives for.

And this is how it will work for his big business not paying their fair share.  One of three things:

  1.  They will still have some tax shelters like Biden himself will make use of if he claims all the money he’s stealing with his son.  Big “if” there.
  2.   Big business will pass on the increased burden to the consumer. US.
  3. Or three, and most likely, they will move out of the country again and the whole US economy will founder.

But it all sounds so freaking good, doesn’t it?

So in case you haven’t figured it out, WE are going to keep paying while they destroy energy independence and our overall economy. Let me clue you in, small business cannot shoulder this burden and that’s who will do it–especially after his idiot mandates has caused so many to go under.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Idiot Biden

  1. Exactly. Despite their pious bleatings about making “the rich” pay “their fair share,” all the loopholes and shelters are still there and they’ve no doubt added a few extras. For all his sackcloth and ashes, Warren Buffett has a battalion of tax lawyers and accountants to minimize the amount he pays. The same is true of the other Limousine Leftists. The people who are going to get socked are the ones who bust their butts to have a nice home in a quiet neighborhood and send their kids to schools that are worthy of the name…

    1. Yeah, it’s incredible they keep trying this socialist crap and nothing ever improves for the middle class. Why will it this time. They will just ruin our economy again and drive big business out and make it harder for small business to function. So they will lay off people if they aren’t already out of business and/or pass tax increases on to consumers. Not to mention we own apartments, scraped together a down payment and bought them on a land contract from people we knew in town and we want to sell now for our retirement. Did all the work ourselves on them for 30 years. My husband had a remodeling business for 10 years where we employed people and could barely get by. He worked for developers off and on until Bush ruined the housing market. So he drove a truck over land for four years!! (Who would do that after a good job?) And I finished my degree and was an adjunct professor which of course paid nothing and no benefits.

      They are planning on taxes on a family home so high it would take selling it to pay it after death. DEATH taxes. Why in the world should anyone have to pay DEATH taxes. Of course AOC wants to do away with private property, so that works out for these fascists. There is no way we won’t end up paying yet again. No matter how much these people want to deny it, it’s important to make the US attractive for business, especially small business, but it won’t help if he drives them out of the country again.

      Not to mention we are less safe with him doing idiot things on foreign affairs AND making us energy dependent again. Would SOMEBODY please explain to me WHY it’s better for the planet for us to buy oil somewhere else than provide our own. It’s the same energy demands, jsut we are not independent. Let someone else do it and we have moral highground? Lunacy. Not to mention, it’s all half bogus garbage and I’m a conservationist. Gees, I’ve ranted again! And all this censorship and control. I can’t believe it. Sorry, now I see he’s added all these IRS people and he’s going to monitor our bank accounts and watch transfers of more than $600! This is unreal. I am venting again. 🙂

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