Carnivore Dreams- Last Frontier?

Photo by Ethan Brooke on

Am I wrong?

My father used to call Australia the “Last Frontier” — like Alaska. He wanted to go. My mother had me save her $13K in a safe bank account so she could one day go to Australia — we buried her with it.

I’ve always held Australia high in my mind and used to be one of the few places I’d consider getting on an airplane to visit — along with Ireland and maybe Tuscany in Italy.

It’s no longer on my list despite the gorgeous photos I’ve seen from fellow bloggers–an ineffable beauty that simply takes your breath away.

But if reports are accurate and what is happening there in the last five years but especially this virus hoopla is true, it’s no place I’d ever go — “freedom passport?”

The news reports are frightening –worse than the UK and other places–worse than here–though these people are making it pretty crazy. We have governors and legislatures standing up to them.

We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams- Last Frontier?

  1. I have always seen Australia as a better version of the UK; more conservative and a bit more Christian. A friend of mine lived there for a decade and loved the country, so this latest brown shirt crackdown on its citizens is scary. Something foul is afoot.

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