Carnivore Dreams – Best Laid

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You have to wonder, you really do. Since I’ve adopted Jordan Peterson’s philosophy (something I always held anyway as a devotee of Carl Jung and Albert Einstein), that if you do the right thing, the consequences, “good” or “bad” — which of course we mere mortals cannot discern– are exactly as they should be.

I managed to exercise Wednesday and Thurs. Wednesday went fine but I did strength yoga yesterday and have pulled or pinched something in my mid back that shoots up my neck and some down my left arm. I was up all night, resorted to a Tramadol which did nothing — I cannot figure how people get addicted to those things or opioids — and finally about 6 a.m., after barely being able to move or sleep, I took ibuprofen which always upsets my stomach and got at least the edge off.

Worse, I had planned to just ride the stationary bike and write all day. But now my computer won’t charge or even work plugged in — my computer with all my drop box and writing stuff on it –Oh, I just remembered I can work on the memoir because my daughter saved that on google.

But I’ve had this feeling for some time now that my inability to focus on writing has a purpose. That there is some divine inspiration about to be bestowed upon me and any writing I did until it’s time (all good things in their time, like fine wine), would be a mistake. So mostly things have conspired against my working on the fantasy novel, but if my head clears, I might do some revision to the memoir until my computer is fixed, something I somehow think the state of our world requires more revision to reflect it.

But I’m starting to not beat myself up or fight with how things are and wait for the right time, a much more positive state of mind that will be necessity open me up to these revelations as soon as it’s time.

Meantime, my head is still not clear for the Tramadol. I am ever so slightly better from the Ibuprofen so am hoping this a matter of days not weeks on the mend. But I’ll have to start with bike riding and lower body for a good while first of the week and everything else says ice/heat alteration and rest it.

Another happy Friday to you. Go Lions and Tigers (but not Bears).

One thought on “Carnivore Dreams – Best Laid

  1. Thank you for sharing your words and thoughts. The things that interest you (prophetic dreams, writing, living off the grid) interest me as well. I’ve done different diets to see if any alleviated or exacerbated my health issues. Vegetarian, pescatarian, Keto (which everyone called Atkin’s back in the day) and Paleo. Tried the Mediterranean diet as well…liked it the best. I look forward to reading more. Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

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