Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Dreams, time changes, restaurants

Me with eyes closed, getting ready to savor some nice coffee with cream for after dinner, and lovely picture outside of the deck where we came back later and listened to music.  Lovely night, great singer.  We will go back on Thursday to hear Don Middleton, a special friend of my brother’s, sing.  And Wednesday, my actual birthday, will try Goblin Market.  Bit more celebrating than normal in pricey spots, but the weather is great and I have a lot of things on my plate upcoming, so I won’t feel guilty.  Last night I had an inspired New York strip with a touch of palenta, blistered cherry tomatoes and Swiss chard.  Boy was it good. Medium rare.


Las Brisas in Laguna Beach, California–view out the window.  Great food.  Maybe sometime soon.  I recommend a visit if you pass through southern California.

Dreams: I’ve been doing a bit more research on them in anticipation of revising.  Some interesting things.  Different types of dreams like “Announcing Dreams of pregnant women and fathers” (and I’m assuming grandmothers).  “Dreams of Departure” where people are approaching death.  The book is called Extraordinary Dreams and it’s perfect to read before my revision.  I’m noticing that I’m not relaying more personal dreams and not sure if I actually get my mother to arrive and interact in a lucid dream, if I’d share it. It depends on what happens.  Interestingly, the book talks about how certain dreams are meant just for the dreamer and may have ramifications not intended for other people.  I also have the feeling it will lose significance if shared, like telling a birthday wish or one made on a wishbone.  Still, sharing the impact of dreams and the learning, like most other non-western cultures already know, that dreams, prophetic dreams, out of body experiences, or even visions of sorts are “lived experiences” and meant to part of reality, not compartmentalized as we do in western culture–that sharing is good.  But I was finding myself holding back on certain dreams as if they were precious nuggets meant only for me.

Food today: I’m thinking a nice shrimp salad maybe with a good lemon tarragon dressing, done on the grill.  Bit of bread for those non-keto folks like my dad.  But first some uncured bacon and a couple eggs. Haven’t had bacon in some time. Gonna be hot again today. 85.  Still snowing in the frozen north.

Need to head outside for some D here as well. Happy Monday.  Be sure to tell me how your Carnivore/Keto experiences are turning out.  And all about your dreams, at least about them– if not specifics–how you view them.  Do they seem aberrations, unimportant oddities, or are they part of your experiences every bit as much as those daytime ones?


One thought on “Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Dreams, time changes, restaurants

  1. I see I forgot to comment on the time change. They are brutal either way. People die from the stress of it. So get a lot of sleep and eat well. Do some yoga.

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