Carnivore Dreams – Day 8


A little Einstein for your Friday, a quotation appropo for today.

Food:  Eggs, bacon, dark brew, sparkling water, a couple cheeseburgers, maybe a chicken thigh.

I continue to slowly lose weight, am walking, doing yoga, full body workouts, and feel slightly better every day.  More health info soon.

I’ve been re-acclimating myself to my novel.  So I make headway.

Happy Friday and 4th weekend.  A bit of excerpt from my fantasy novel.  But this happens to be true:


            She had stumbled on her website and been astounded at what she saw.  She had almost closed out, dismissing it.  She wanted to find more scientific explanations for this phenomena happening to her.  But she noticed links on her home page that combined ideas from everyone she thought had a part in this:  Einstein- Quantum Mechanics, Jung. But then she also had links and discussions about yoga, Native American thought, lucid dreaming.  Other worlds?  She had felt the hair stand up on the back of her neck.  This woman was exploring the same ideas and concepts she was—nearly exactly!

            Chloe Whitewater Dawn taught at a reservation in Arizona.  She had a master’s degree, taught psychology.  She looked Caucasian and had been born Elizabeth Anderson, raised in Texas.  Evelyn wasn’t totally sure if she had American and Native American names both—like some of her Native American friends—or if she was white and just adopted Native American culture.  Cultural appropriation, the liberals would call it, though she doubted Native Americans would care about her appreciating their culture.  She seems to have done this twenty years ago at any rate, and she was obviously loved there by the Indians.  She’d been Texas Woman of the Year, and achieved other fabulous awards it seemed.

            Evelyn had emailed her and received no response as she’d told Maria.  She then noticed there were dates of postings on her website and nothing had been posted after 2008. She googled her and found what she was afraid of—Chloe had died in 2014, apparently of complications from Lupus.

            But she talked about Synchronicity—something Evelyn had believed in all her life—that was the way “God” spoke to her when He did.  There was some kind of connectedness, the “spooky entanglements” that worried Einstein, but turned out to be true.  Experiments where it was proved the future influenced the present in physics.  Lucid dreaming and yoga were portals for this woman into an awakened, enlightened reality. 

       And all of it struck Evelyn as Truth. 

As nothing else had before.

Evelyn’s ventures into different religions and churches, her exploration of the Bible, her belief in science.  Each concept alone, seemed, always, to be missing something.

            Chloe put it all together.

            Exactly as Evelyn seemed to be.

            Evelyn was so disappointed she had died.  She wondered how many people still read her words on her website and connected with them as she had.  Luckily for Evelyn, Chloe had posted a lot of information on yoga, on lucid dreaming, on her own spiritual experiences. Her ideas on physics.  Jung and Synchronicity.  With a capital “S.” 

            The synchronicity of her spirit transcending time.

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